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Whether you want a tasty snack for happy hour, or an easy-to-eat canape for your next big event, The Cheese Puff Company has you covered with our delicious little bites.


About us

The Cheese Puff story started with a group of friends, 5 o’clock drinks and the need for something delicious to munch on while sharing great company and conversation. The Gang of Five, as my mum and her friends were otherwise known, paired these delicious cheese puffs with gin and tonics, chardonnay and a bit of cheeky gossip….


The Cheese Puff Company takes crispy light pastry and wraps it around a cheese filling to create the perfect canapés for catering any event. We make our cheese puffs by hand using premium ingredients, infuse them with love, and snap freeze them. Choose from three crowd-pleasing flavours, guaranteed to delight the tastebuds of whoever you’re serving….